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Your Work Habits and Style 
If I spoke with your previous boss, what would he say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Emphasize skills -- don't be overly negative about your weaknesses; it's always safer to identify a lack of a skill as an area for improvement rather than a shortcoming. 

Can you work under pressures, deadlines, etc.?

Yes, it's a way of life in business. 

How have you changed the nature of your job?

Improved it ... of course. 

Do you prefer staff or line work? Why?

Depends on the job and its challenges. 

In your present position, what problems have you identified that had previously been overlooked?

Keep it brief and don't brag. 

Don't you feel you might be better off in a different size company? Different type company?

Depends on the job -- elaborate slightly. 

How do you resolve conflict on a project team?

First you discuss the issues privately. 

What was the most difficult decision you ever had to make?

Try to relate your response to the prospective employment situation.



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